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Pedro M. Arguello, M.D., P.A. provides a variety of diagnostic services for gastrointestinal and liver disorders. They include colonoscopies, upper endoscopies, ERCP, Endoscopic ultrasound , motility studies, imaging studies of abdomen (ultrasound and CT scan). We utilize the latest techniques in diagnosis including laboratory, radiologic imaging. We are able to specifically tailor your therapy based on the most up to date state of the art therapeutic strategies.


In Diagnosis


Radiologic imaging


& Equipment

Dr. Arguello uses state of the art equipment to perform his endoscopic procedures. The endoscopes are manufactured by Olympus. Olympus has always been in the forefront developing new advances in endoscopes, to meet users needs and to respond to the rapidly changing world of medicine. The Olympus scopes provide unprecedented image quality and an array of additional intelligent properties: High-Definition Television (HDTV) and Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), which provide new levels of imaging quality.


Lets the physician look inside your entire large intestine , from the lowest part, the rectum , all the way up through the colon to the lower …

Upper Endoscopy

Upper endoscopy enables the physician to look inside the esophagus , stomach , and duodenum (first part of the small intestine).


Enables the physician to diagnose problems in the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas. The liver is a large organ that, among other…

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Enables the physician to look at the inside of the large intestine from the rectum through the last part of the colon, called the sigmoid colon.


Board certified in Gastroenterology
A native from Ecuador, South America, Dr. Arguello is Board Certified in Gastroenterology. He has been in practice in Houston since 2001 and is the Co-founder of Memorial Endoscopy Center, LLC. Dr. Arguello completed his Fellowship in Gastroenterology and Clinical Nutrition (1994-1997) and Residency in Internal Medicine (1991-1994) at New York Medical College/OLMUMC in New York. He earned his Degree Doctor in Medicine and Surgery from Universidad de Guayaquil/School of Medicine in Ecuador in 1982.

Pedro M Arguello


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